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Gas Line Install and Repair

Powering your stove, fireplace, water heater, dryer, and other appliances, gas lines are vitally important to our daily lives.

Natural gas is one of the best low-cost fuel sources. It burns cleaner and doesn’t pollute as badly as other fuel sources (besides solar and electricity). However, it can be very dangerous, if not used with precautions or if the plumbing isn’t installed per code and maintained annually.

When it is about installing, repairing, or handling gas lines inside your home, you must be extremely cautious. Any mishandling can be catastrophic. You need a professional plumber to help you with the installation of a new gas line or repair of an old one.

Quality We Ensure

Careful handling of gas lines is essential to your safety. Immediately reach out to a plumber if you sense any leaks.

Experienced Workers

A professional plumber can help you with the installation of a new gas line or repair of an old one.

Signs Your Gas Line Needs Repair

It’s imperative to keep the gas line in good health. Hence, pay close attention to when you spot any of the signs below. Reach out a competent plumber and get the gas line repaired!

  • Foul odor or the boiled eggs smell
  • Unexpected hike in the gas bill
  • Dying plants and vegetation
  • Rusted or corroded gas lines
  • Hissing sound

A broken or leaking gas line can have disastrous results. This is not something that you should delay. If you spot any of the above signs, you should get the line repaired ASAP!

Reach out to us for the installation of a new gas line or repair of an old one.

Professional Gas Line Installation and Repair Services in Arizona Valley

Simba Plumbing has been providing professional gas line installation/repair services to the residents of the Arizona Valley for over a decade. Our expert team of licensed plumbers make sure that you have the hassle-free plumbing experience.

  • Affordable and reliable service
  • On-demand availability
  • Quality parts
  • Transparent operations

Simba Plumbing
Your Trusted Plumbing Partner

Simba Plumbing provides professional gas line installation as well as repair services in Arizona Valley. Our expert technicians can make sure that your gas plumbing is in great health. Our services are fast, efficient, affordable, and reliable.

We believe in having long-term business relationships with our customers. We start with a thorough diagnosis of the issue and quote the entire cost involved beforehand, so as to avoid any conflicts later.

We make your dreams come true.

  • Expert gas line installation/repair services
  • Fast, efficient and reliable
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Upfront pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • On-demand availability

Need help with the installation of a new gas line? We got you covered. Reach out to us using our emergency contact helpline and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

We are a full-service plumbing provider specialized in all sorts of plumbing installation and repairs. Here are some of the other service offerings –

  • Sump pump installation
  • Main service line installation/repair
  • Water softener and whole house filtration
  • Drain and sewer re-piping
  • Water heater installation/repair
  • Bathtub and shower installation/repair
Frequently Asked Questions tips & tricks

Plumbing is complex only if you are not well-informed. Here are the answers to some questions, people often search Google for!

Why do my pipes rattle and make noise all the time?

Most likely your water lines are not properly secured, meaning there are some spots where they rub up against your floor joists. If you call Len The Plumber we can make sure your pipes are properly secured and install pipe hangers between your pipes and the joists to eliminate the noises.

What causes a faucet to leak?

The most common thing we find is corroded O-rings, gaskets or valve seats that cause faucets to leak. Together, these components are what hold back the water until the faucet is opened, so if one of them is corroded, you’ll get a leaky, dripping faucet!

Can leaks get bigger over time?

Yes. Water leaking out of your pipes or fixtures will eventually cause enough corrosion that even a pinhole-sized leak can eventually grow and potentially cause damage to your home.

What do I do if my toilet overflows?

An overflowing toilet is usually caused by a leak in your tank’s fill valve or deterioration of the shaft or wire that sets the fill level. Whatever the cause, call Len The Plumber for the solution!

Why does my hot water smell like rotten eggs?

Foul smelling water is caused by the combination of hydrogen, sulfur, and bacteria in the water. Sulfur and bacteria are naturally present in the water your appliances use, and they will not make you sick.

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